From a very early age I discovered that there was far more to life than what could be perceived by the ‘usual’ senses; that there were many more keys on the grand piano than middle C.

I have been in somewhat chronological order, an accounts clerk, worked in retail management, taught Kung Fu, taught and performed flamenco guitar, worked as a driver for film director Ridley Scott in Costa Rica, worked in a call centre, trained as a financial advisor, trained for a certificate in a ministerial academy in the USA, played in a blues band, worked as a chef, a waiter, a restaurant assistant manager, a newsagent assistant manager, an RSPCA volunteer, an RSPCA charity shop manager, an RSPCA branch administrator, an RSPCA Animal Collection Officer, then a chef again and then started up my first online business, Constellation Trading. This expanse of experience led me naturally into writing and sparked the desire to share knowledge and experience gained from the highs and the lows of the human condition with the hope that it would be useful to the reader. After I started Article Outlook, a website where writers could contribute their own writing, I focused on poetry. Poetry has always been cathartic and therapeutic for me and allows me to express the depths and the heights of my experience.

In between all of this, there has been a world of occult studies, spiritual experiences and events that have shaped my journey in many ways; and despite dropping to depths I could never have imagined I still see the thread of gold that runs through the fabric of my life.